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Security And Prevention

The best line of defense in protecting your Network or Computer is Prevention. We offer a full line of products to protect your systems from Viruses, Spyware, Intruders and Disaster.

Current Data Backups

Backing up your data regularly is your first line of defense against any disaster, whether it is a Virus Attack, Hacker Intrusion, Hardware Failure or a Natural Disaster. Be prepared for the unexpected and backup your data nightly or weekly on a rotational basis. It is extremely important to take your backup media or hard drives to an off-site location for storage. Think of theft or fire, melted tapes, DVDs or External Drives are not readable!

Virus Protection

Any computer connected to the Internet or that has access to email should have Virus Protection. The most common point of entry for most viruses is web browsing. Be sure to select an anti-virus product with email protection and internet browser protection. It is important to update your definitions routinely as outdated definitions are powerless against newer viruses. Choosing browser addons that block scripts can help prevent infection.

For your Business Network, we recommend an Enterprise Solution from Trend Micro that will filter and protect your Mail Server, File Servers and each workstation.

Firewall / Router

These devices act as a middle-man between the internet and your computers, benefits include:

  • Connect multiple workstations to the Internet through a single Cable or DSL line.
  • Manually direct incoming/outgoing internet connections for specific application use.
  • Block access to undesirable sites and content for children or select users.
  • Redirect lazy employees trying to access facebook to a more termination-worthy site.

Best Practices

Keeping your system’s software updated is the first step against intruders and virus attacks.

Popup Windows

Advertising Popups: The best way to get them off the screen is by using the keystroke combination of ALT + F4. Often the buttons in the window (‘no’, ‘close’, the ‘x icon’) load Adware or Spyware onto your computer.

Common Utilities

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